Crossroads that lead to your pivot
An aspiring entrepreneur once asked: “How did you come out with the name Your Pivot?”

While this was the first time someone asked since the official launch on 16 June 2021, it will be a very common question in the world of startup! 

Founder Institute explained it best in this article.

dI acknowledged that Your Pivot wasn’t the first name I came up with. I started with a name that tried to communicate who I am in a cheeky way, and attempted a few logos (including Your Pivot) using Canva, just to see how it looks and feels on presentations.


I was at a crossroad.


I didn’t anticipate that my corporate life will be this short, 20 years with the recent 4 in Sydney.

The only ‘real’ interview I went was my first job, the rest were headhunted. I was backed by a strong career history working in Unilever Malaysia and Singapore, as brand manager and head of media. I started my career with ad agencies in Malaysia and I wrapped up with media and cross border agencies in Sydney. Pretty well-rounded experience that I’m exceptionally grateful for.

Since mid-2019, I transitioned to the gig economy. I wanted to test if I could stand on my own feet without any corporate names and titles behind me. I’m glad I took the plunge as I experience both personal and professional growth, and things were done exceptionally well at a speed I didn’t know I could.

This was my first pivotal moment, a mindset change with a huge influence by Tim Ferriss’s book – The 4-Hour Work Week.

I worked alongside founders, with 30 startups, public institutions and universities who tried to commercialise their solutions, across categories I’ve never worked on, within one and a half years. I scanned the global market on existing alternatives, and almost without failed, someone is doing something better and faster. 

I told myself there must be a better way to help these enthusiastic purpose driven entrepreneurs.

I need to immerse in this game-changing ecosystem.

I made a choice.


No more job hunting I announced publicly on LinkedIn. Even if it means living on the deposit that we’ve been reserving to realise our Australian dream.

I need to go all out! Put my skin in the game, to focus, and to contribute.

With the certification by LeanStack, I felt the burst of confidence as I actually know this stuff! Being trained by Unilever for 12 years, I’m familiar with the tools and frameworks. It’s the change in approach, and importantly, the switch in mindset, that ultimately set startups apart from industrial aged corporations.

The marketer in me awaken.

I need a different name because it’s not about me, it’s all about the value customer gets.


The birth of Your Pivot


To be frank, and you as an entrepreneur will run into the same problem when it comes. Names that we thought of, are all taken. Be it company’s trading name or social media account handle.

Pivot is one of the most popular word within startup. When hypothesis was invalidated, we look for new light. When there’s no traction shown on our mafia offer, we pivot till we get one.

On top of that, career change, relocations are far too common these days.

I want to encourage people to take the leap so that they live a more fulfilling life.

“Your Pivot” seems straight-shooting enough for a shake up call.

The typo sitting on a cross, which you could probably guess by now. I wanted people to reassess their current perspectives, and hence the need to tilt your head to read the name.

The cross? It signals a stop, stop being on autopilot. Some interpret it as a crossroad.

So, go on and do something about the ideas that you’ve been thinking about for years. There’s no prize in “I told you so!” in the world of entrepreneurship.

We need to take action to be an entrepreneur, and there’s no short-cuts. With the right help, you could short-circuit the entire process by having a coach to show you the right path, a path you need to take the first step to reach your destination.


This is my pivoting story, what is yours?