frequently asked questions (faq)

1. I have no idea what business or startup I want to build. Will I be able to find a good idea with this coaching exercise?

  • You’ll be happy to hear that idea is not a pre-requisite nor the most important criteria for a successful startup, especially true at this early stage. It sounds counter intuitive in a world where we need creativity in solving the world’s biggest problems, one of the core skills that sets us apart from machines and robots, but you didn’t hear me wrong. With an open mindset and a willingness to unlearn and learn, your learning curve will be steeper than those who came with Innovator’s Bias. As your personal coach, I will guide you towards finding a problem worth solving, a validated business idea that no amount of desk research and trends report will ever land you one.

2. Should I engage a coach at the beginning when I’m still unsure of how or where to start?

  • This is the perfect time to engage a Certified Startup Coach before you get overwhelmed with all the materials floating around, and importantly before you pick up some unhelpful habits. To succeed, we need to do the right things first, i.e. be effective. If we didn’t start right, efficiency won’t save the day, or there’ll be too much time and effort wasted. While it’s true that entrepreneurs learn along the way, there’re mistakes that can be avoided with the help of a personal coach.

3. I’m a side-hustler and working full-time at the moment, which package is best for me if I would like to launch my business soonest?

  • Good on you for pursuing your own dream or simply diversifying your income streams or skillsets. The choice will largely depends on your time availability, which stage you’re at, and how fast you plan to launch. The acceleration mode is suitable for those who’re extremely familiar to the extend of constantly practising the Lean Startup Methodology, where we could look at 8 weeks to complete, with a total of 2 hours of coaching per week (standard is 1 hour per week). If required, we could do the coaching session after work hours, and a small window on Saturday afternoon AEST.

4. I’m not residing in Australia, can I still engage your service?

  • Absolutely! If we can work through the difference in time zone, nothing should stop us from building great startups! The only request would probably be having English as the main medium of language during the coaching sessions.

5. I’m bootstrapping at this point and can’t afford any of the packages, is there anything else available?

  • Time is the scarcest resources of all. While we need to ensure we use our money wisely (any sound business should do), this investment will pay off if your idea get off the ground quicker than you do it alone. Remember, we can make more money, but money can’t buy back time. In this age where speed of learning is the biggest advantage, we should look at acquiring the right mindset, richest knowledge in the shortest time. Time wait for no one!

6. Is there instalment plans for any of the coaching packages?

  • Glad that you asked. Yes, all the 8, 12 and 16 weeks coaching packages can be paid by monthly instalments, with an additional fee of 12% to cover our administration set up and maintenance time.

7. Can I stop half way to the package that I’ve signed up initially?

  • You can stop as long as you’ve gone through at least 4 hours of coaching because we want you to give it a fair go. A prorated fee will be refunded with a 10% processing fee. For example, for the 8 weeks course that charges a fee of A$3,150, we’ll refund A$1,417.50 for a 4-week (equals to 4 hours) of engagement, after deducting the 10% processing fee, within two weeks. An email to the coach at Your Pivot is required to kick start the termination and refund process.

8. Is your fee GST inclusive?

  • Yes, the 10% GST is inclusive at the moment.

9. Will you coach outside of the stipulated working hours that show up on Calendly?

  • Please email us at for us to find a solution that works for both of us.

10. Will there be additional charges to engage other Certified Coaches on Your Pivot website if I chose to work with them?

  • Absolutely not. Other affiliated Coaches are mates and we want to help you in any way we could as you are our priority. This also means each of the Coaches have all full control of their pricing and please discuss terms of service directly with the coach you choose to engage.


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